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OOh! That's a nice Square! How many times does some one say that to you? Can you share the pattern please?

Why not post a photo of the Square you have made for our SIBOL Blankets and then give the pattern details.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Antique Pearls Square

A message from Jenny about the 'Circle of Friends' Square. Thank you!

I just read your blog post about the size of the "Circle of Friends" square... For some reason Blogger won't let me post a comment so I'm sending you this email to suggest using Priscilla Hewitt's "Antique Pearls Square" instead. It works out at about six inches square and is very similar to the "Circle of Friends".

Here is the link to the pdf file of the pattern:

Thank you Jenny.

Stephs version. 'Circle of Friends' Square.

I have had a play with the 8 inch pattern and have come up with the following pattern to make a 6 inch one (I have attached a photo for you)

Using DK acrylic yarn and 4mm hook (English terms):

Using DK acrylic yarn and 4mm hook (English terms):

1. Make a magic circle. ch 3, 15 tr into circle and pull tight. sl st into top of 3 ch. (16 sts)

2. dc and tr into same st as sl st and each tr around, sl st into first dc (32 sts)

3. dc in same st as sl st, *ch 3, sk tr and dc into into next dc, repeat from * to end, sl st into first dc (16 3ch gaps)

4. sl st into first gap, ch 3, 2 tr in same gap, 3 tr in each gap around, sl st into top of 3 ch (48 sts)

5. dc in same st as sl st, *tr in next st, dc in next, repeat from * to end, sl st into first dc (48 sts)

6. dc in same st, *ch 3, sk tr and dc in next dc, repeat from * around, sl st into first dc (24 ch 3 gaps)

7. sl st into first gap, ch 3, 2 tr, ch 2, 3 tr in same gap. *3 htr in next gap, 3 dc in next 3 gaps, 3 htr in next gap, 3 tr, ch 2, 2 tr in next. Repeat from * around, sl st into top of 3 ch

8. ch 3, work 1 tr in each tr around and 2 tr, ch 2, 2 tr in each corner gap, sl st into top of 3 ch and fasten off thread.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sunburst Granny Square

Terri (USA) - Your Squares have finally arrived, on Christmas Eve too!

Sunburst Granny Square

Ch 5; join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1: ch 3 to count as the first dc, work 15 more dc in the ring: joint with a sl st to the top of the beginning ch 3. (16 dc) Fasten off.

Round 2: Attach next color with a sl st in between any dc. ch1 (puff st in the same st and in each dc around. *ch 1 and puff st in between each dc. Repeat from * around. Join with a sl st to the first puff st. (16 puff sts) Fasten off.

Note: first puff st 5 loops instead of 7.

Puff stitch: (yo, insert hook in indicated st and pull up a long loop) 3 times, yo and pull through all 7 remaining loops on hook, ch 1 to lock.

Round 3: Attach next color with a sl st in the ch 1 sp between a puff st, ch 2, (cluster st, ch 2) in the same sp and in each ch 1 sp around; join with sl st to the beginning cluster st (16 cluster sts). Fasten off.

Cluster stitch: (yo, insert hook in indicated st and pull up a loop, yo and pull through 2 loops) 4 times, yo and pull through all 5 remaining loops on hook.

Note: first cluster stitch 4 loops instead of 5.

Round 4: Attach next color with a sl st in any ch 2 sp, ch 3 to count as the first dc, 2 dc in sp, (*3 hdc in the next ch 2 sp, 3 hdc in the next ch 2 sp, 3 hdc in the next ch 2 sp*,

{3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc} all in the next ch 2 sp for corner)

Repeat between ( )’s 2 times, then repeat from * to * once; 3 dc in the same sp as beginning dc, ch 2; join with a sl st to the top of the beginning ch 3. Fasten off.
Round 5: Attach next color with a sl st to any dc. Ch 3 then dc in each stitch around working 2 dc ch 2 2 dc in each corner. Join. Fasten off.

Terri has emailed me this pattern. I thought you'd be interested in the Square.
It is so .....pretty and I just love the colours she has chosen for it.
Thank you very much!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

the square makeover

Hello, this is for those of us that want to do the friendship square.

The following adjustments were made to get it within the boundaries,: we are going to use a D hook instead of H, the circles are going to have 25 stitches instead of 30.

Follow the original pattern for how to do the circles and the joining/weaving of them --BEWARE # 4 is a pain to do --make sure you are going up when it says up and down where it says down otherwise it won't look like the picture.  To save on frustration I pinned my circles together to stop them from shifting once they were completed that was a big help with getting # 4 where I needed it to go.

Leaving your circles pinned together (if you did) attach white w/sc, ch 3, skip next stitch, sc.  your way around outside of the "square". join w/sl st to first sc.  should look like pic below.

2nd rnd:  sl st into first ch 3 sp, ch 5 dc ch 2 dc ch 2 dc in same space, *do "V" stitch in next 5 ch 3 sp's, then 3 "V"s in next ch 3 sp,   repeat from * till back to beg ch 5, join w/sl to 3rd st of chain 5.   should look like this:

Measure your square now.  If you are at 5 1/2" or more then you need to SC the next rnd.  if less then 5 1/2"
 then do next rnd in HDC    I cheat -- the brown thing under my square is a 6 x 6 square of cardboard, so I just lay may square on it so I know if I am within the 6" limit, makes less work for Sue.

3rd rnd: sl st into first ch 2 sp: 3 sc(hdc),   in corner ch 2 sp: 3 sc(hdc), ch 2, 3 sc(hdc) * 3 stiches in each ch 2 space to corner then it's: 3 sc(hdc), ch 2, 3 sc(hdc).   Repeat around to beg. join with sl/st FO and weave in all ends.   

any questions can be posted here , I will keep an eye out for them, Thanks  Brenda (itty)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

squares beyond squares

The other two squares Sue received last week:

These are both squares from the book ‘Beyond the granny square’ by Edie Eckman. I have the book for a few months actually, but finally tried out a pattern. At first sight it seems quite complicated, but in practice they were quite easy to make.

This is motiv 105 on page 148.
I added a few extra rows, because otherwise the square would be too small for SIBOL-blankets.

And this is motiv 109 on page 152.

I like both squares a lot actually. Planning on another project I am afraid ...

Friday, 24 December 2010

2 squares

Two squares Sue received last week:

RicRac square
This is a square made in the ‘RicRac Motif’ by Sarah London.
You can buy the pattern over here: http://sarahlondon.wordpress.com/p-a-t-t-e-r-n-s/

star flower square
This is a square from the book by Jan Eaton (200 blocks to crochet): Star Flower, (square 71 on page 69)

Friday, 26 November 2010

new popping flower Square

popping flower 6" square :)

This pattern uses the following stitches
sc, hdc, dc picot, popcorn
worked on a 4.5mm hook using us terminology :)
you can change the popcorn stitches to cluster stitches if easier the choice is your's :)

1, chain 4 and sl st to 1st ch to form ring
2, ch 3 and work 11 dc into ring
3, change colour if you wish, then ch 3 work 2 dc remove loop from hook insert into top of ch 3  insert hook through dropped loop and pull through loop on hook popcorn stitch made :) or linky note i am making a 3 st popcorn :)
then ch 3 and repat into each st around
4, change colour to background choice
ch 3 work 2 dc into direct ch space to the right * hdc x 3 into next st , hdc into next st dc x 3 ch 3 dc x 3 into next st (corner made) and repeat *
finish with 3 dc chain 3 and sl st into top of 1st ch 3 at beggining
5, ch 3 work 1 dc into same space then *ch 1 miss a stich 1 dc into next *repeat to corner workind 2 dc ch 3 2 dc in corner space repeat all around finishing with 2 dc ch 3 and sl st to top of ch 3 at beggining

6, ch 1 sc into same st then sc into each st x 7 working picot st(sc ch 3 sl st into same sc )  into next st work 8 sc to end working *sc picot sc into corner space , work 8 sc, picot, 8 sc ,*repeat to end sl st to first sc

7, change colour ch 3 into 1st st following a picot corner and work 1 dc into same st work 1 dc into each st till you reach the picot st from previous round and ch 1 at that point and continue working 1 dc into ach st to the last st where you will work 2 dc ch 3 2 dc for the corner repeat all around see pics

8, change colour again if you wish work 5 sc into corner space and 1 sc all around joining with a sl st to 1st sc finish off
voila done made complete!!

Try different colourway's :0)
These will be en-route to Sue as soon as time allows xxx

have fun i hope i've made the pattern clear enough to understand however if you feel a few changes needs to be made in the writing of this pattern please contact me
 The serious bit ~~ this pattern has been lovingly designed by me and must not be copied or changed without my prior consent anywhere, please link back to this page, if  you wish to mention it anywhere and give credit, Exclusive design for Sibol xxxx
Many thank's Amanda aka manda's challenges :) xxx

Thursday, 28 October 2010

More patterns

Hello Ladies,

Here you will find more squares' patterns. I hope this is useful for next year's blankets!

Have a good day!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Mystery C.A.L Christmas square!!

                                                     In true S.I.B.O.L. style :0)

I designed this square for the Christmas challenge of red,white & green, so that anyone who was stuck as what to do could quickly make this and customise it to their own liking making it truely unique.

The Pattern ~~~ Please note this pattern has been designed for S.I.B.O.L and polite etiquette should be applied if you wish to use it elsewhere. Thank you x


Are you stuck with what to do for the Christmas challenge?
Fancy a super quick project designed by me? hehe
Here goes...... you will need red ,white, and green yarn :)
A size 5.5mm hook told you it would be super quick haha
end result 6" Christmas square :0)
U.S terms
1,   Take either your red or white yarn and using the magic ring method chain 3 and DC 11 into ring and slip stitch to top of beginning chain 3 (12 sts)
2,   chain 3 and DC into same space, DC x 2 into each stitch all round (24sts) join to 3rd chain at the start of the round, cut yarn and join green

3,   Slip stitch into top of joining chain, and chain 3 then 2 DC into next stitch  continue round 1 DC  2DC to the end and join to 3rd chain of begging chain 3
4,   chain 3 and DC into next stitch Dc into following stitch and 2 x DC into next continue all around 1 DC 1 DC 2 DC  join to 3rd chain of beggining chain 3 cut off green yarn and attach the colour you started with.

5,   chain 3 and into same place DC chain 2 and 2 x DC next stitch DC next stitch HDC then SC into next 7 stitches followed by HDC, DC , 2xDC chain 2 2xDC
continue as follows to end DC, HDC, SC x 7,  HDC ,DC, (2xDC chain2 2x DC same stitch ) into each stitch join to 3rd chain of beggining chain 3
6, chain 3 and in (corner space DC x 2 chain 2 DC x 2) DC x 1 into each st until you reach the corner again and repeat ..... join to 3rd chain of beggining chain 3
cut off chosen starting yarn

7,   with last colour yarn the colour you haven't used yet ;)
Slip st  and chain 2 then HDC into each st and either 5HDC into corner or 2DC chain 2 2DC in corner, the choice is your's :0)

join to chain 2 of beggining chain and tidy up ends on the back
Decorate the green with ribbon, buttons seed beads etc ;)

Hope you give it a try my pictures of said mystery C.A.L will be posted by Sue when she recieves them hehe
Enjoy much Love Amanda xxx
Ive tried to make it as simple as possible but if there's anything your unsure of please do comment one of us should be able to help you xxxxx

Extra notes :0)
At step 7 check that an HDC wll fit it may only need a SC all around :)

Finished and measuring a perfect 6" :0) if you haven't quite got 6" will a round of SC do it or maybe blocking if only a smidgen out which can be done by pinning down to the 6" and spraying with cold water or spray starch and allowing to dry?
Have fun much love Amanda xxx

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Squares from Louise

1                                              2                                              3

   4                                            5                                           6

1 http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2009/04/granny_spiral.html

2 http://kaleidesigns.com/crochet/patterns/archive/gran012.html

3 http://www.lindaslists.net/snowflakeph.htm

4 jan Eaton number 86

5jan Eaton number 28

6jan Eaton number 18



Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pertinitacos' SIBOL Square 'Star Fish'.

Hi Everyone!

Your imagination pertinitaco and how you have made these Squares is just amazing! .......>

This beautiful Square was made by Pilar (pertinitaco Flickr).  I thought I would tell you where she got the pattern from because I think it is amazing.  But so are the other Squares that Pilar has made! Please pop over to Flickr and have a look at her Squares.  She has sent me Squares for the 'Mens' Blankets' but also for the 'Sea/Seaside' theme. 

I'm going to copy and paste now what Pilar wrote about this Square.

this is from the book 200 blocks by Jan Eaton. Block nÂș 71, named "Starfish" in the spanish edition. I just added the white round to make it more maritime

If you look up in Jan Eaton's Book you will see No. 71 is called 'Star Flower' in the English version.

I hope this helps why not have a go!

Thanks Pilar for a gorgeous Square.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My squares

1. Granny Wheel Square - Min Inspiration.
2. Nr. 141 Quartet - Jan Eaton's 200 crochet blocks
3. Wagon Wheel Square (sorry, don't know where I found the pattern)
4. Nr. 19 Lacy Cross - Jan Eaton's 200 crochet blocks

Both squares are from Jan Eaton's 200 crochet blocks.
nr. 173 Big round.
I've added the motifs:
1. Motif 135 from Edie Eckman's Beyond the square Crochet Motifs
2. Motif from Betty Barnden's Crochet Stitch Bible

Circle of Friends Square

Bonefire Squares - Luna !

My First two Bonefire Squares .

Monday, 9 August 2010

Oatmeal Squares - Luna !

All 4 Squares were made with the patterns posted yesterday , my older post in here " THE ARCHIVE "
These are my 4 GRANNY named by Possy Linda , OATMEAL Squares ! Thanks Linda.

SIBOL-squares by Isolde (2)

And directly my second posting ...

harvest moon - Jan Eaton, 200 stitch patterns for baby blankets, nr 104, page 69

warm red (but in different colours) - Jan Eaton, 200 stitch patterns for baby blankets, nr 28, page 31

I really recommend the books by Jan Eaton! The patterns are written very clearly, in different skill levels and offer lots of inspiration and possibilities.
By the way, you can order them at the Book Depository (.co.uk-site), no shipping charged!!

SIBOL-squares by Isolde (1)

Hello to all of you.

Oh, do I like this new blog and initiative of Mrs. Twins!
'Unfortunately' I wasn't able to write and post here sooner because of our holidays (ha ha). But here it is, my first 'archive'-blog:

Clockwise, starting upperleft:

• wisteria:
Jan Eaton, 200 crochet blocks, nr 113, page 87

• granny square

• simple square
as made for a Babette blanket

• four patch granny:
Jan Eaton, 200 crochet blocks, nr 43, page 55

See you soon!

Patterns To Share - Luna !

To Enlarge click on each pattern or picture.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

My squares

4 squares from Jan Eaton's 200 crochet blocks.

1. nr. 37 Pin Stripes
2. nr. 91 Terraces
3. nr. 55 Centred Square
4. nr. 145 Chocolate Box

♥ Karin ♥

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My squares

1. Jan Eaton's 200 crochet blocks - Nr. 165 Coffee and Cream
(which I've changed into Strawberrie and Cream)

2. This stitch is explained in  the book:
"Stitch Collection Textured Crochet" by Helen Jordan.

3. Jan Eaton's 200 crochet blocks - Nr. 85 Lemon Stripe
(with a few additions)

4. Granny Square with Flower.

♥ Karin ♥

Friday, 30 July 2010

Intarsia "Kiss" Square

What a pleasure to be able to post on this lovely blog and share how some of the SIBOL squares have been made!

This was one of the first squares I made and it is a straightforward "Granny Square" which I vamped up a bit  using two colours within the rows.  To do this you must weave in the colour you are not using along the back of the work - I admit it is quite fiddly with a lot of untangling of yarn but I loved the finished square.  Here is a view of the back and if you look closely you will see the weaving effect.

Speak soon  

Kimbles x