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OOh! That's a nice Square! How many times does some one say that to you? Can you share the pattern please?

Why not post a photo of the Square you have made for our SIBOL Blankets and then give the pattern details.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

the square makeover

Hello, this is for those of us that want to do the friendship square.

The following adjustments were made to get it within the boundaries,: we are going to use a D hook instead of H, the circles are going to have 25 stitches instead of 30.

Follow the original pattern for how to do the circles and the joining/weaving of them --BEWARE # 4 is a pain to do --make sure you are going up when it says up and down where it says down otherwise it won't look like the picture.  To save on frustration I pinned my circles together to stop them from shifting once they were completed that was a big help with getting # 4 where I needed it to go.

Leaving your circles pinned together (if you did) attach white w/sc, ch 3, skip next stitch, sc.  your way around outside of the "square". join w/sl st to first sc.  should look like pic below.

2nd rnd:  sl st into first ch 3 sp, ch 5 dc ch 2 dc ch 2 dc in same space, *do "V" stitch in next 5 ch 3 sp's, then 3 "V"s in next ch 3 sp,   repeat from * till back to beg ch 5, join w/sl to 3rd st of chain 5.   should look like this:

Measure your square now.  If you are at 5 1/2" or more then you need to SC the next rnd.  if less then 5 1/2"
 then do next rnd in HDC    I cheat -- the brown thing under my square is a 6 x 6 square of cardboard, so I just lay may square on it so I know if I am within the 6" limit, makes less work for Sue.

3rd rnd: sl st into first ch 2 sp: 3 sc(hdc),   in corner ch 2 sp: 3 sc(hdc), ch 2, 3 sc(hdc) * 3 stiches in each ch 2 space to corner then it's: 3 sc(hdc), ch 2, 3 sc(hdc).   Repeat around to beg. join with sl/st FO and weave in all ends.   

any questions can be posted here , I will keep an eye out for them, Thanks  Brenda (itty)


  1. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pattern! I will give it a try soon!
    Wish you and yours a Happy New Year!!!
    LOL, xxx

  2. This is a really pretty Square itty bitty! You've worked so hard doing this, thank you x