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Friday, 26 November 2010

new popping flower Square

popping flower 6" square :)

This pattern uses the following stitches
sc, hdc, dc picot, popcorn
worked on a 4.5mm hook using us terminology :)
you can change the popcorn stitches to cluster stitches if easier the choice is your's :)

1, chain 4 and sl st to 1st ch to form ring
2, ch 3 and work 11 dc into ring
3, change colour if you wish, then ch 3 work 2 dc remove loop from hook insert into top of ch 3  insert hook through dropped loop and pull through loop on hook popcorn stitch made :) or linky note i am making a 3 st popcorn :)
then ch 3 and repat into each st around
4, change colour to background choice
ch 3 work 2 dc into direct ch space to the right * hdc x 3 into next st , hdc into next st dc x 3 ch 3 dc x 3 into next st (corner made) and repeat *
finish with 3 dc chain 3 and sl st into top of 1st ch 3 at beggining
5, ch 3 work 1 dc into same space then *ch 1 miss a stich 1 dc into next *repeat to corner workind 2 dc ch 3 2 dc in corner space repeat all around finishing with 2 dc ch 3 and sl st to top of ch 3 at beggining

6, ch 1 sc into same st then sc into each st x 7 working picot st(sc ch 3 sl st into same sc )  into next st work 8 sc to end working *sc picot sc into corner space , work 8 sc, picot, 8 sc ,*repeat to end sl st to first sc

7, change colour ch 3 into 1st st following a picot corner and work 1 dc into same st work 1 dc into each st till you reach the picot st from previous round and ch 1 at that point and continue working 1 dc into ach st to the last st where you will work 2 dc ch 3 2 dc for the corner repeat all around see pics

8, change colour again if you wish work 5 sc into corner space and 1 sc all around joining with a sl st to 1st sc finish off
voila done made complete!!

Try different colourway's :0)
These will be en-route to Sue as soon as time allows xxx

have fun i hope i've made the pattern clear enough to understand however if you feel a few changes needs to be made in the writing of this pattern please contact me
 The serious bit ~~ this pattern has been lovingly designed by me and must not be copied or changed without my prior consent anywhere, please link back to this page, if  you wish to mention it anywhere and give credit, Exclusive design for Sibol xxxx
Many thank's Amanda aka manda's challenges :) xxx


  1. Thanks so much Manda's challenges! This square is so pretty. You've gone to a lot of trouble for SIBOL, thanks so much!
    Hugs Suex

  2. No trouble at all dear Sue, i'm having a ball creating new squares, this group has given me so much inspiration, i've ventured into thing's i ever thought possible so it's only natural to give back xxxx