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OOh! That's a nice Square! How many times does some one say that to you? Can you share the pattern please?

Why not post a photo of the Square you have made for our SIBOL Blankets and then give the pattern details.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

'XO Squared' - Try a new Square out!

Hello Everyone!

I always love showing you new Squares. Why not have a go at this gorgeous  Square. I have
been given permission to put it on this web site. DebiY would love you to have a go at making it
and why not send one to SIBOL for our 'Sunshine Blankets!'.

This Square is called 'XO Squared'. Debi has called it this because she can see a 'X' in the pattern and
also the centre could be the 'O'. I think it's a brilliant name!

Here's the Square

DebiY (USA) Your Squares have arrived today! Thank you!

and here's the link to Debi's web site.  Debi has very kindly printed the pattern details out for you.

Thank you Debi !


  1. Es un bonito blog, ya me anoté en sus seguidoras. (I love grannies). Saludos y felicitaciones por tantas cosas lindas que publica.

  2. just tried this pattern and it's fabulous!! well written easy to follow Thank you Debi xx